SharewareLock 2.5

Shareware Lock is a component that will convertany application...

Shareware Lock is a component that will convertany application into a time-limited trial version. By entering a registrationcode, your user can unlock the trial version into a fully functional application.

Shareware Lock pays for itself almost instantly, helping you realize morerevenue for your shareware products. Users are well intended, but oftenoverlook their obligation to contribute to help the development of yourproduct.

Drop Shareware Lock on your form to get your shareware earning revenuetoday! Key Features Simple to Use - Simply dropthis component on your main form and you are protected.

Automatic User Dialogs - Builtin dialogs keeps your users informed about their registration status. Customizable Dialog Text -Change the text, even the language, of the standard dialogs.

Lock to Computer - Optionallylimit registration to a single computer. Lock to User - Optionally limitregistration to a named user. Encrypted Data - preventsquot;snoopingquot; and manual modification of hidden data.

Easily Customizable - Manyevents and control of standard dialogs mean you can customize both presentationand behavior. Limit Trial Features - Use thequot;IsRegisteredquot; property to enable/disable program features.

Fully Compiled - No DLL's toship. Incredibly Small - Adds about4K to application size. Get Going in Seconds - Completewith help, commented demo program, and Unlock Code Generation Program withhelp.

Trial Period Extensions addany number of days to the trial period or expired trial periods for user thatneed extra testing time, just by sending a special unlock code.

Subscribeware support sellyour shareware by the month or any other period using Shareware Locks unique subscribeware feature. Set a period for your registered programs to run beforerequiring a renewal unlock code.

Self Diagnostics report allsettings of Shareware Lock and platform information of your customerscomputer. great for troubleshooting registration or other platform specificproblems.



SharewareLock 2.5